Big Hero 6 confirmed for Disney Infinity

that’s cool and all but can we get gogo and honey lemon too


#Elsa and #Anna holiday ornament shoes… the #Elsa one is the best one, close to screen accurate anyway.

Maybe its just me but I think the Elsa one is kind of tacky… I have some of the other shoe ornaments and they were much nicer looking… 

agreed, it also looks waaaaay too dark. should be a cool icy blue, not a weird dark teal-ish color…

"I want a "hidden mickey" tattoo, small and white, somewhere on my body (probably behind my ear). I’m sure it’s cliche and some people have told me I’ll regret it, but I think I’ve wanted it long enough and thought it through enough that it wouldn’t be an issue. I don’t think I’ll ever NOT love Disney but it’s small enough that, heaven forbid I regret it, I wouldn’t notice it and others wouldn’t either. But I don’t regret the three I have already! ;)"

i’ve had my mickey tattoo for two years and i haven’t regretted it for even a second!

Questioni: Why are all the princesses wearing their redesigns(this doesnt apply on Rapunzel) While Aurora is wearing her old gown?!? Does someone know the answer?

Aurora’s new dress was not holding up as well as expected, so they’re making adjustments. The new redesign should be pretty similar, but more durable




I don’t understand because wasn’t Olaf’s actions of lighting the fire, almost melting and then trying to save her and act of true love and shouldnt that have unfrozen her heart?

oh shit


i think the point was for anna to perform an act of true love…

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"I really look up to Anna, because in her situation, I’d be really jealous and bitter toward Elsa. She has ice magic, she’s gorgeous and graceful, and everyone wants her to come back. They send Anna off with a thin cloak and no food or guards or help. I admire her unconditional love and I hope I can learn to love so strongly."

Ok. There’s no indication that anyone (except Anna) wants Elsa to return. They’re actually all kind of scared of her, and at least 4 characters canonically want her dead. Nobody “sends” Anna anywhere. She makes the decision herself to go after Elsa, and refuses any help she is offered. I’m wondering if OP even watched the movie…



The Oscars are today, which means, regardless of if Frozen wins or loses, the fandom is going to be so annoying. 


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Anonymous :  Well thought out or not, your friend is trying to police what others are wearing and that's not cool. Dapper Day doesn't have to mean the same thing to everyone. It's what you make of it. If what other people are wearing makes the day feel "less special" for Hayley, then maybe she needs to sit the next one out and grow up a bit. Because that's a pretty immature and shallow stance to take...


She’s not, though. She never once says that people have to stop Disneybounding. Ever. That’d be extremely hypocritical of her considering she’s literally a Disneybound “queen”.

What she is saying is that there has become a fine line between Disneybound and Cosplay, and now that line is getting heavily blurred and taken advantage of during events such as Dapper Day, when the idea of the event was for everyone, who wishes to do so, to relive the days when people would come to Disneyland in their Sunday best.

If that means to come in an outfit inspired by something you love, then sure! Go ahead! However, it’s gotten/getting to a point where people are coming practically in costume. In fact, I actually saw people show up in character costumes, which is something that’s already frowned upon at the parks.

It’s not what people are wearing that’s upsetting Hayley. It’s the seemingly competitive nature behind it all. This is not true of all people, I am perfectly aware of this, HOWEVER it is hard to deny the that some people who go to these gatherings are trying to one-up each other.

Dapper Day, nor Disneybounding, are a contest of who can dress better, or more accurate to the era/character/whatever, than someone else. And, I know that lots of people do not treat it as such. It is, however, one of the things that speaks the loudest.

but who the hell cares if people are competing or not? who cares if someone else’s motivation is to have a better disneybound than someone else? as long as that person doesn’t go up to someone and say “HA my anna disneybound is so much better than yours!” it shouldn’t be a problem that some people feel personal satisfaction and pride for having a disneybound that they think is top notch

like literally it does not affect you so why does it matter